We're a Passionate Team of Web Developers

We are a group of friends and developers collaborating remotely, combining our strengths to bring our ideas to life. Despite the challenges everyone has faced this year, we believe that something positive can still emerge from 2020. That's the goal we've been working towards throughout this project. Our core concept from the start has been:

Let's create a Lead Management CRM that's efficient, distinctive, and accessible to everyone.


Happy Marketers


How It All Began


Oct 2019.The Idea

We had been using various existing services to achieve our marketing goals and satisfy clients, from landing pages and tracking pixels to affiliate management and warming up cold leads. At that point, we all agreed that a new solution encompassing all these mechanisms, pre-configured and ready to use, would be beneficial.

Apr 2020.The Early Days

This is when we began to seriously design the platform's architecture. We needed to develop vital and challenging features for the product to be scalable and globally available. We spent several months tackling various issues before diving into the coding process.

Aug 2020.First Line

Once the first line of code was written, the floodgates opened, and the lines flowed until the initial usable version of the platform emerged.

Oct 2020.First Stable Version

We're excited to publicly offer the first stable version 1.0 of our CRM. We hope it will help many entrepreneurs on their journey to success. With your cooperation, we aim to enhance the service day by day, adding features and functionalities that make your life easier.