We're a Passionate Team of Web Developers

We're a team of friends, and developers working remotely, and we have put our strengths together to materialize some of our ideas. It has been a really tough year for everybody, however we all believe that something positive can still come out of 2020, and that is the goal that we've been aiming at all along this project. The idea since the very beginning is:

Lets build a Lead Management CRM that is both efficient, unique and accessible to all


Happy Marketers


How it all started


Oct 2019.The Idea

We've been using existing services in order to fulfill marketing goals and satisfy clients, from landing pages to tracking pixels, and from affiliates management to cold lead warm up. So we all agreed at this point, that we could be using a new solution including all of these mechanics, already done once and for all.

Apr 2020.The Early Days

That's where we've seriously started to architecturize the platform, we had vital and challenging features to develop if we wanted the product to be scalable, and available globally. So we sat and solved many problematics, several months before we've started to code.

Aug 2020.First Line

After the first line of code laid down, the valve opened and lines flew until the first usable version of the platform came out.

Oct 2020.First Stable Version

We're happy to offer publically our first stable version 1.0 of the CRM, we hope that it will help many entrepreneurs in their way to success, and with your cooperation we hope to improve the service day after day, to add many features and functionalities that will make your life easier.