Lead Management

Leader CRM

Get the results you need, reach your targets and increase conversions, with the only one lead platform, the Leader CRM built for telemarketers.

All-in-one Marketing

Leader Feature

Get yourself all the tools you need to leverage digital campaigns, acquire potential customer details, contact them over phone calls, manage their life cycles until conversion and deliver them to anybody by Email or webservice. That's the disrupting business to business service that LeadAster is offering.

Growing Startup

Leader Online

We are online only to grow more! Our development team is working with the help of the QA and our customers feedback, in order to improve the product, to add more functionalities, and connect with marketing standards to increase the range of actions.

Strengthen Client Relations

Leader Agency

Your clients will tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than a well organized marketing operation, where every service representative is doing a clear and defined job. Avoid misunderstandings, stolen lead attributions, or unauthorized interactions. Give to each of your telemarketer a pair login/password, and define the scope of action. Enjoy an organized business and your partners satisfaction.

SEO Optimisation

Leader Marketing

Contact us if you have special requests, such as SEO optimizations for you landing pages. You can customize the online form entierely, have your own domain name, and therefore be a leader in terms of Google search engine and awesomeness.

Be the Leader

Leader Everything

Dominate the market by influencing the customers loyalty toward your products. Exploit your data and take advantage of it to increase your ROI. Visualise performances that will help you aim better at every shot your take.