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Enhanced Search Options to Unlock Your Database's Potential

Boost efficiency and effectiveness in customer relations.

LeadAster rapidly provides insights into all interactions between your representatives and the leads, from data acquisition to every stage of the conversion process. This is especially helpful in handling incoming calls, ensuring you have all the vital information needed to excel.

Marketing Toolbox at Your Fingertips

Start making sales over the phone in just a few minutes with everything you need.

LeadAster equips you with all the essential tools for your marketing needs. From creating landing pages and managing call center tasks to overseeing affiliates, tracking, and delivering converted leads to your clients, LeadAster has you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

LeadAster CRM offers essential tools for lead acquisition to sales management, completely free of charge and without limitations for a single sales representative. If your operations involve more than one sales representative, you can purchase a package to expand your team size.

LeadAster has streamlined the registration process for your convenience. Simply visit the registration page and create a user account by providing minimal details such as name, email address, and password. Once registered, you'll be logged in and ready to use our CRM. If you encounter any issues during registration, contact our support team, and we'll be happy to assist.

Our developers continuously work on improving the CRM and adding new features. If you think something could be better or a functionality is missing, please contact our support team with your suggestions. If your idea benefits everyone, we'll prioritize its implementation and notify you once it's complete.

LeadAster CRM offers various real-time solutions for adding leads, such as Web Services that enable third-party systems or collaborators to insert leads into your CRM account. The data will appear in your "Lead Management" area, ready for immediate use.

You can also add leads from your existing landing pages or create new, customized campaigns with your LeadAster CRM account. Form validations will directly transfer data to your "Lead Management" area.

Additional methods include uploading CSV/XLS/XLSX files, which requires matching column headers to the correct lead field names before processing.

Furthermore, you can configure your Google Spreadsheet for daily synchronization with the CRM. Additionally, you have the option to manually input new lead information directly within your CRM account.

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