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With LeadAster, you get to know very fast all interactions between your representatives and the Leads, from the data acquisition through every steps of the conversion process. It helps particularly to handle incoming calls in order to have all the intels that you need to be sharp

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With LeadAster, you get all the tools that your marketing requires. From landing pages creation to call center job, through affiliates management and trackings, until delivery to your own clients with the converted leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

LeadAster CRM software provides its customers with the required tools from lead acquisition to sales management, free of charge and without limitation for a single sales representative.
If you run operations with more than a single sales representative, you can purchase a package in order to increase your team size

We at Leadaster have made the registration process as simple and convenient as possible. In order to do so please find your way to the registration page and create a user account by providing only the minimum details such as: name, email address and password.
As soon as you have successfully registered, you'll be logged in and all set ready to use our CRM.
If you encounter a problem or difficulty in the registration process, contact our support at any time and we will be happy to assist

Our developers are actively working on the CRM to improve the service and add new functions every day. If you've noticed that something could be really cooler, or even that a functionality that could make everyone's life easier is missing in the CRM, please contact our support immediately and tell us it all. If your idea is good and could profit everybody, then we will put the task on top of the right person's desk, and we'll notify you personally when it's implemented.

In order to add leads to Leadaster CRM we offer a variety of real-time solutions such as Web Service that allows you to offer any third party system / collaborator to insert leads into your CRM account. The data will be available in your "Lead Management" area and will be ready for immediate use.
You can also insert leads into the CRM account from your own existing landing pages or alternately you can also create new landing pages and customize any campaign you want with your Leadaster CRM account easily, efficiently and in a short time.
Any form validation will put the data directly into your "lead management" area.
Additional solutions (cold solutions) are by uploading CSV / XLS / XLSX files, this will require you to bind the columns in the correct field names of your leads before the process can be performed.
In addition, you can also manually enter the new lead information within your CRM account.

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